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Most of us do not consider facial masks to be essential in our normal skin care routine, but it does play a role in achieving healthy, beautiful skin. We all have our own unique skin types, so it is important for us to use the right mask that is suitable for us. Here is a little breakdown of the different types of masks for the various skin types.

Gel Masks

What: Gel masks are usually oil-free and have a gel consistency. They are best for hydrating the skin, where the goal is to add water to the skin, but not add any oil.

Suitable for: Because it does not contain any oil, it is SUPER beneficial for oily, combination, acne-prone, dehydrated skin. It also soothes redness in sensitive skin, as well as sunburns.

Should I use it?: YES, firstly, gel masks are suitable for all skin types! Secondly, because of their naturally cold temperatures, gel masks are ideal for soothing any irritated or sensitive skin. Gel masks will make your skin feel so wonderfully cool when the temperatures are high, especially in Malaysia. 

We recommend 23.5°N Gel Masks – these gel masks are free from paraben, animal ingredients, colouring and fragrance.

Clay Masks

What: Generally, clay masks utilize oil-absorbing agents that as it dries, it will create a tightening effect to help clear and tighten pores.

Suitable for:  Clay-based masks are suitable for oily, acne-prone, combination and normal skin that is in need of oil absorption.

Should I use it? : Yes, once a week to clear up your clogged pores especially in this humid climate. BUT, you have to be careful because some clay masks can be overly drying and it could be harmful for your skin.

How do I know if my clay mask is over drying? : If you were to smile after your clay mask is dried and it cracks to a million pieces, then you might want to avoid it especially if your skin is not very oily. Adding your own skin serum will help to prevent any potential drying effect.

We recommend L’herboflore Green Tea Oxibalance Clay Mask, it is great for all skin types as it is very gentle and cleanses the skin without over drying it.

Cream Masks/Sleeping Masks

What: Cream masks contain moisturizing oils that help to deeply hydrate and plump up your skin

Suitable for: Normal to dry skin types

Should I use it?: Yes, especially on those lazy days (like..most of the days) Many cream masks do not need to be rinsed off after they have dried (unlike traditional gel or clay masks), but you can tissue off any residue and leave the excess to give your skin an added boost of moisture.

We recommend: L’herboflore Lemon Balm before you go to bed. It has a refreshing scent and leaves your skin looking plump and healthy looking when you wake up!

Sheet masks

What: These are thin cotton sheets are soaked in various hydrating ingredients that are applied as an occlusive seal over the face to force hydration into the skin.

Suitable for: They are usually oil-free so can be appropriate for oily and combination skin types.

Should I use it?: Many people like to use these while on an airplane to prevent dehydration.


Regardless of which mask you use, all skin types will greatly benefit. But REMEMBER, to EXFOLIATE FIRST to remove those dead skin cells. This allows for the mask to work more effectively.. While mask treatment isn’t quite like getting a professional facial, it still certainly offers additional skin benefits above and beyond your basic skin care routine and for this reason, I highly recommend you use one on a weekly basis.

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