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    The prefect mask set for dewy glow complextion ! This set includes the top quality sheet masks from L’herboflore

    In this set, you will find :
    (1 Box/ 5 pieces ) x Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask
    1 x Q10 + Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Silk Mask
    1 x Alpha Arbutin Whitening Slik Mask
    1 x Ceramide Complex Moisturizing Silk Mask
    1 x Ginseng Anti Aging Silk Mask
    1 x Rose Water Refining Hydromask

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  • RM170.00

    23.5N uses carefully seleted natural ingredients and natural processes to create their skincare products. In this set, you will find
    1 set of Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Travel Set

    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing makeup remover
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Pappermint Refreshing Facial Cleanser
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Toner
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Serum
    • Canvas Drawstring Bag

    2 pieces of L’herboflore Perfumr Lotus Balancing Mask
    2 pieces of L’herboflore Deep Sea Balancing Mask

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