Sensitive Skin

Is your skin sensitive? Looking for a cure? Anyone with sensitive skin knows the struggle with redness. If you’re looking for a cure to soothe your skin issues, you’re not alone. Take a look at our selection of products especially for sensitive skin. Time to bid farewell to your irritated, red, flaky skin.

  • RM258.00

    The prefect mask set for dewy glow complextion ! This set includes the top quality sheet masks from L’herboflore

    In this set, you will find :
    (1 Box/ 5 pieces ) x Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Energy Biocellulose Mask
    1 x Q10 + Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Silk Mask
    1 x Alpha Arbutin Whitening Slik Mask
    1 x Ceramide Complex Moisturizing Silk Mask
    1 x Ginseng Anti Aging Silk Mask
    1 x Rose Water Refining Hydromask

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  • RM170.00

    23.5N uses carefully seleted natural ingredients and natural processes to create their skincare products. In this set, you will find
    1 set of Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Travel Set

    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing makeup remover
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Pappermint Refreshing Facial Cleanser
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Toner
    • Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Serum
    • Canvas Drawstring Bag

    2 pieces of L’herboflore Perfumr Lotus Balancing Mask
    2 pieces of L’herboflore Deep Sea Balancing Mask

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  • RM125.00

    This multiple moisturizing & whitening gel relieves redness, and improves spots, dull and dark patches.

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  • RM105.00

    Deeply cleanse your skin without drying while effectively removing impurities and makeup with Ferret Amino acid facial cleansing Cream. The lathering wash works through a blend of 2 different types of amino acids and plants extracts (BIOPHYTEX LS 9832) to help condition and soften your skin, leaving it refreshed.

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  • RM82.00

    A gentle refreshing toning lotion that hydrates skin and restores the pH balance to enhances the benefits of following skincare. Contains Pentavitin/ Saccharide Isomerate (Eco cert) and Hydrogenated Stach Hydrolysate (Eco Cert).

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  • RM135.00

    Try out all 4 different gel masks in this set. It is suitable for all skin types. Great as a gift or for travelling. Gel masks are great to quickly hydrate and soothe the skin. Great to cool down irritated skin on a hot day.

    What’s included:1x Bamboo Ultra Hydrating Gel Mask, 1xOriental Beauty Tea Balancing Gel Mask, 1xRed Pearl Barley Whitening Gel Mask, 1xRice Soothing Gel Mask 1x Travel Drawstring Bag

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  • RM130.00

    A LOVEFACE Exclusive set that includes travel sizes of the following

    Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing makeup remover
    Oriental Beauty Tea Pappermint Refreshing Facial Cleanser
    Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Toner
    Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Serum
    Canvas Drawstring Bag


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  • RM35.00

    A combination of high moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycosyl trehalose and natural extract, it nourishes and repairs dry and damage skins.

    (1 pack 7 pieces)

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  • RM14.00

    Four specifically selected Chinese kernels – job’s tears, mung beans, peach seed and gardenia seed whose mild and sweet nature can achieve a refreshing effect. The combination can soften skin cells, purify the pores and balance oily skin.
    (1 Piece)

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  • Retail Price: RM95.00

    A hydrating sleeping pack enriched with Lemon Balm extract to hydrate your skin and brighten your complexion while you sleep! Formulated with Polyquaternium-51, Allantoin and Algae Extract, these highly effective moisturizing ingredients deeply nourish and soothe the skin overnight. The light gel-creme texture is easy to absorb by the skin, perfect for dull skin and dry skin.

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  • RM55.00

    Golden jelly mask that delivers moisture deep into the skin to soften dry and irritated skin. Combined with collagen for firm and vibrant skin. This product is free from synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring, mineral oil, alcohol, animal-derived raw materials.


    (1 Box, 3 Pieces)

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  • Retail Price: RM166.00

    100% Natural Pure Cotton Mask (LOHAS Certified Pure Cotton Mask) providing dry and exhausted skin the concentrated moisture care. It contains 50% of Sodium Hyaluronate Solution that always keeps skin hydrates.


    (1 Box, 5 Pieces)

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