How We Curate?

How We Curate?
we are very picky when it comes to curating our products.
Yes, we are very picky when it comes to curating our products. Products we sell are carefully selected to the best of quality. In other words, every product you see on our site is top of the class!!

1. Go Hunting


We begin our search in countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea where we seek for products with an obsessively loyal following, from old brands to recent rising superstars.

2. Keep Up on Trend


We also go through the web and shop in stores to find new and upcoming trends. We repeat this at least every 5 weeks to stay on top of the trend.

3. The Product Should Work!


Well, of course the products should work. Our team will only provide you with the best we can find! Besides pretty packaging and addictive scents, our team will look into the actual formula of the products we’re selling. We keep our eyes open to ensure that the products we sell are the best of quality.

4. Tried and Test


Once shortlisted, the products will be tried and tested by our team. This is to ensure that the products that we sell are fit for our customers living in the Malaysian climate.